Al-Araba group Supply military and security sectors in the Kingdom with a number of security systems and military modern and sophisticated cross over a network of suppliers around the world and include such systems:

Jackets and helmets and body armor Outer Carrier (EOC) Pocket
military Clothing and accessories, boots, shoes, bags ACU Coat with NIR Technology5.11 Centurion Patrol GlovesBlackhawk Fury Commando with NomexCamelbak Linchpin
night vision and thermal binoculars
Suits of prevention of explosions
Detectors for explosives EN5000
Jamming Systems of explosives for the protection of important processions and military convoys of all types of vehicles in the compact and portable on the back Click here to view larger imageClose this windowClose this window
Blanket protection of the explosion
Water cannons to explosive ordnance disposal NeedlePigstick
Vehicles mechanism (ROBOTS) to remove the explosives Knight EOD ROV Knight EOD Robot  EIDD IED EOD Hazardous Duty Robot for Bomb Squads and the Military Use
Equipment dismantling bombs
Containers for the transport of suspicious packages EOD trailer - BOA2
Explosive devices
Weapons and ammunition


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